Where it all began…

Back in summer 2006, inspired by the graphic design on icon album covers, I headed off to art college to follow a career in Graphic Design. Thirteen years on and I landed a job to design a CD cover and printed disc. Well it took me back to where it all began.

‘Bandstand’ is the second CD recorded by Lofthouse Brass Band in their 20 year history and follows on from the success of their debut CD ‘Trailblaze’.

Firstly we started with then name: ‘Bandstand’, derived from the programme of music performed on the CD, which is common of those performed by the band in their summer bandstand performances. The design of the cover then took it’s inspiration from this, setting the scene of a hot Sunday afternoon with the band entertaining it’s audience.

The band’s iconic green colour was used throughout the design, alongside injections of yellow / gold (those seen on their uniforms).

To grab a copy of this brilliant album head over to the band’s website, then (to quote the album cover), ‘pop the kettle on, pull up a chair, relax and let us bring the bandstand to you.’

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